Abortion and Relativity


I was raised in what turned out to be a very liberal environment.  My parents dabbled with all sorts of religions before ending up in the world of the “metaphysical” and New Age philosophy.  For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, it is largely the practice of selective Eastern religious concepts from such religions as Buddhism and Hinduism along with various elements of nature worship which are used as an overlay to determine which Christian principles will be incorporated.  Being as Christianity is considered generally inferior to Eastern spirituality, what is borrowed from Christianity is usually liberally interpreted.  Typically, whatever is used from Christianity is referred to simply as Christ’s teachings so as to separate Christ from Christianity.  What is ultimately created in the hodgepodge of New Age practice is the core belief in the relativity of truth.

A significant majority of liberals and progressives I know practice relativity in truth in ways that I find astounding.  That’s not to say that conservatives don’t do it.  I acknowledge that such a practice is human nature that is typically associated with adolescence.  However, I find the hypocrisy and danger in liberal arguments so pervasive in an effort to apply this relativity that it can be described only as irrational among adults.

Take the matter of “pro-choice” with respect to abortion being as it is entirely a liberal position (I don’t care if you think you’re “conservative”, but are pro-choice.  Pick a side).  Liberals (let’s just throw progressives in with liberals for brevity) would have us believe that they are the compassionate ones.  They are the ones who respect life no matter how insignificant it may be- from the endangered Callipe Silverspot Butterfly to Mother Earth at large and every conceivable form of life she nurtures.  They would have us believe that they are the rational and wise ones who understand how to apply the teachings of all the Great Masters in a manner that will provide equal protection and opportunity to all.  They alone are the ones who have bothered to pay attention to the whisper in the wind and have received the message in such a way as to have heard the very voice of The Creator.  With their elevated connection to the harmonic balance of the silvery threads of light that bind us all and orchestrate the very tides of time, liberals have mapped the destiny of the human race so that we may all transcend the evils of our barbaric ways and walk the path to utopia…that is except those who aren’t born yet.  Grab a probe, they don’t count.

Somehow, all life is sacred yet the unborn child is not.  Somehow liberalism is compassionate yet cannot extend that compassion to the most fragile among us.  Somehow liberals know the way forward but will deny even the first breath upon the path.  Somehow, liberals know the way of God, but refuse to acknowledge the miracle of life.

Liberals call pro-life arrogant and imposing on women’s rights.  That those qualities make being pro-life uncompassionate.  Let’s compare the motives:

Pro-choice:  A woman’s right to life or to simply party trump the child (selfishness).  There is no evidence that an unborn child is actually an individual person (arrogance).  A man should have no say in what a woman does with her body (uncompassionate).

Pro-Life:  An unborn child’s rights are at least equal to the woman (compassionate).  Pregnancy is almost always a choice (expecting personal responsibility is frequently confused with imposing among liberals).  We can’t profess to know the workings of life and what makes a soul, so at the very least we should err on the side of caution lest we commit murder (humility).

Relative truth suggests that because the circumstances surrounding every pregnancy are unique the rationale for aborting the pregnancy can be as uniquely justified.  It’s this same relativism that would have a pro-choice advocate support double  murder charges for killing a pregnant woman.  The tragic failure in this concept as it relates to abortion is that it ignores the only truth that is absolute: no matter how a person defines life- scientifically or spiritually- life is ended through abortion.  If it weren’t, then what exactly is being aborted?



6 Responses to Abortion and Relativity

  1. Carmensita says:

    Will I need to expound if I say I am pro-choice as a societal rule, but strongly anti-abortion personally?

  2. foundersten says:

    Mmmm…consider these questions, which must be answered yes or no in order to argue abortion rights because abortion is a matter of life or death:

    1. Is an unborn child its own entity as opposed to just a growth in a woman?
    2. Is it the responsibility of the Mother to protect the unborn child (ie, to stay healthy, not do drugs, avoid dangerous situations, etc.).
    3. Is it the responsibility of society to make every reasonable effort to protect those who cannot defend themselves?
    4. Is it murder (as opposed to just assault) if a person deliberately harms a woman to abort a pregnancy?

    There are more such questions, but if these are all answered yes, then you must acknowledge that these are truths worth defending personally AND societally.

    I understand your position to protect the rights of the mother, but at what point do we separate the interests of the mother from that of the child? I think, though I wouldn’t support the decision and married a woman who shares my conviction, that the first trimester is the only period during a pregnancy that a woman should be allowed to exclusively decide if she is going to terminate her pregnancy. Beyond that, it is a wreckless conclusion to terminate without medical reasons because, as a society, we must make the decision as to when we are going to acknowledge the “child” and not just a “fetus”.

    As for my murder argument with regard to assualt on a pregnant woman, it is still murder during the first trimester simply due to the fact that the assumption should be that the pregnancy would continue to birth even if the mother were contemplating abortion. The details can be hashed out in court and they should be based purely on how the mother wants to procede.

  3. Carmensita says:

    I should have been more explicit. I do NOT feel the need to defend a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. I do not think its a woman’s right to choose to kill her child. In fact, if any woman I knew were to become pregnant and choose abortion, I would do everything in my persuasive power to convince her to choose otherwise. I didn’t start having sex until I was ready to deal with a possible pregnancy, not because of prudishness.

    I am merely realistic about the fact that when abortion is illegal, young girls die from unsafe abortions being performed by questionable “physicians” Puncturing embryonic sacs with sharp objects, leading to mortal infections or toxic shock from pumping wicked fluids into a girl. Many of these females feel for some reason they cannot safely tell someone or make it through the pregnancy to put the child up for adoption. Unfortunately, we do not have the old fashioned “Homes for Unwed Mothers” anymore. This does not mean I think women should use abortion as birth control for a irresponsible lifestyle.

    Many girls make the wrong decisions morally, but hell, I know I made a LOT of bad decisions when I was younger. I still would prefer to keep it legal and offer girls better choices and more realistic education about having children. Parents taking a more active interest in their child’s lives would be helpful in preventing the issue way before it became a matter of abortion.

    There are many many complicated issues at hand in the situation and I do not feel that it can be narrowed down to right or wrong. I know its wrong. I am still not sure its right to make it illegal. Its something we could sit on the porch and talk about over wine/beer for hours if you lived closer 😉

  4. foundersten says:

    Great argument! I don’t have a good answer to counter the safety of illegal abortions. You’re right that there are complicating factors to making it illegal. Abortions are going to happen no matter what- just like prohibition and the stupid “war on drugs” and the consequences are always the same. I’m feeling really under the weather right now (flu?) so I’m not able to get my thoughts together real well. Indeed, we could have a long conversation about the way to move forward. I look forward to that whether it’s about this or something else.

  5. Carmensita says:

    Hope you feel better soon, cuz!

  6. foundersten says:

    There is a quote that goes something like: If you are willing to sacrifice freedom for safety you deserve neither. I really like it. There was a very broad ruling recently (don’t remember what state) that made defending your home against illegal entry by a law enforcement officer unjustified in order to protect the safety of the officer.

    Life is inarguably the very foundation of freedom. If we are not willing to clearly define it’s inception, then what’s the point of addressing murder at all? It is not a nebulous concept, but right now it is treated as some spontaneous event that occurs some time after a child is completely separated from the mother. Yes, COMPLETELY separated. There are abortions conducted in which the child is killed while partly emerged from the birth canal due to very liberal interpratations of the law.

    Thus, we get the progression identified in the first paragraph regarding illegal entry. If we don’t take the responsibility of clearly identifying when we should defend something, somebody else will find a way to blur the distinction for “safety”.

    I’m not trying to pick on you, Carmen. I’m just trying to point out the flaw in thought.

    So, let’s consider an adolescent girl who is pregnant and terrified to tell anyone. She waits until she is 6 months pregnant before making a decision on what to do. As a society, we can do one of three things:

    1. Encourage her right to choose to abort
    2. Ignore it
    3. Elliminate the option to abort absent of a direct health threat (since it is beyond the first trimester), but provide the necessary guidance and resources to ensure she maintains the pregnancy.

    If we choose 1, what psychological trauma is this girl going through to not only be terrified to tell anyone, but to also have to find an abortion clinic, the money to pay for it, and deal with the consequences of her decision entirely on her own?

    2 is obviously not an option, but is directly linked to 1 being as the girl is still faced with all her challenges and likely more since legal abortions don’t do anything to address the underlying problems (abuse, rape, emotional stresses, etc.). Pregnancy is not the problem, but society is treating it as if it is and convincing girls that to simply abort will solve everything. Just get counseling (when, how?) and you’ll be fine. Really? I imagine the grief of suddenly realizing the next time you hold a baby it could have been yours had it not been for your decision must be profound.

    3 is the most sensible option, but I agree that the necessary resources are not available to effectively enforce it. With proper guidance, resources and, if necessary, protection a girl will have far less trauma continuing with the pregnancy and giving birth than terminating it. Futhermore, what will it say about us as a society when we strongly encourage such a thing with the hope that mother and child stay together, but at the very least a child is born who will be going to a family who eagerly awaits his/her arrival (adoption rules need to change as well).

    In scenario 3, girls will still be dumb through their desperation and go to alley doctors for their abortions. It will happen no matter what because it happens now. The question that must be asked, however, is how many abortions are being done by girls who simply needed guidance and resources to become comfortable with being Moms.

    There are a lot of details to this that would need to be hashed out. I certainly don’t want a bunch of welfare moms either, but that can be avoided as well. In addition, DNA testing to find the fathers and issue court orders for child support would be a great consideration as well as counseling and guidance for the fathers.

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