Wes Benedict: Another Washington Elitist?


Wes Benedict is the Executive Director of the Libertarian party who recently posted this on the Libertarian Party website.  This list was also sent by email to individuals who are registered on the website.  I found what I felt to be three significant flaws in the list that I requested clarification on:

1.  Why is escalating the war effort in Afghanistan listed as a disaster decision in 2009, but not listed at all for 2001-2008?

2.  Libertarians represent, among many other things, open free market so how is unemployment a mistake of the federal government?

3.  Libertarians also represent limited taxation so why exactly is there a problem with the stimulus rebate checks which are somewhat akin to reduced tax liability?

These are not quotes, but I think a fair summary of my email to Mr. Benedict.  The response was as follows:

“Sorry, don’t have time to answer questions that have already been answered and fully debated by thousands of people elsewhere.  Try Google.”

My response:

“Winner of a response.  Points for brevity, though your tact is status quo for every other politician who thinks his position is above everyone else.  I was asking for YOUR answers- not a debate.  I’ll just go along and assume Google represents the Libertarian party.”

I was very disappointed in Mr. Benedict’s response not because he didn’t have time to respond, but because he had enough time to try to make me feel like an idiot for wasting his time with unnecessary questions.  Further, his response indicates the opinion HE distributed is above scrutiny.

Stories abound about how citizens have attempted to present grievances with legislative decisions to their representatives and are turned away or even criticized for having “extremist” viewpoints- particularly with the massive federal spending increases of late.  Mr. Benedict’s response is a poor showing for a group that expects to be considered seriously as a third-party alternative to the Washington status quo.

Had Mr. Benedict simply referred me to the Libertarian website for clarification I would have understood and left it alone.   Instead, I get an answer that seems to reflect the elitist mindset of every other Washington politician that deserves as much public attention as I can muster.


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