The Public Option Syndrome

I think I found a new website that I will be checking often at  They have a heap of interesting information that at least appears to be objective analysis of current politics.  One of them is a rating of Obama’s campaign promises.  I particularly want to focus on their “truth-o-meter” (I love it!) rating of Obama’s insistance on creating transparency in the federal government.  Simply put: abominable.

Now that I have your attention, let’s all do a little exercise: Do an internet search for “What is a public option” or any other variation of this term to try to find an official definition for the Pelosi Pet Project.  Take as long as you like…

Tons of speculation by bloggers, activist websites, and some journalists, but absolutely nothing of value from our very pushy democrat legislators.  What on Earth is this “option” that the Obama, Pelosi, Reid dream team has been pushing so hard for?  Seriously…I heard audio on the radio today of Pelosi literally giggling that the insurance companies will “be begging for a public option” after all the regulations that will be imposed on them through what’s left of her precious health bills (I am deeply sickened that a U.S. representative would take such pleasure in threatening private businesses with being forced to submit to government programs).  With Pelosi’s remark, it seems clear that creating competition isn’t much on the radar with the public option (not that government can EVER do that, but let’s pretend anyway).  Crushing insurance companies is the goal by first smearing them with all the claims of monopolies, huge profits, and inadequate coverage and then squeezing them into accepting whatever federal plan will magically manifest from the Congressional lunacy. 

The only thing trasparent about this administration is the pure joy our representatives glow with when they speak off the cuff about all the wonderful things they can do to get back at corporate America when they aren’t grand-standing with speeches of their service to America while collecting from the taxpayer’s pocket.

This isn’t reform.  It’s a sickness.


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