Homework Assignment


If this works, this post will satisfy a requirement for one of my online classes, Principles of Supervision.  I did a written book review on the book You Can Negotiate Anything and this video is the second half of the assignment.  Wish me luck…

If this works, the video should be somewhere around …here…

OK, doesn’t upload WMA.  Hooray for Microsoft.  Let’s try a PowerPoint…Principles of Sales Video

Now to test it…

Yeah, it works!!  For all you techno studs out there I am obviously not too proficient on this stuff so cut me some slack, alright?

Professor Gray, any chance we could not ever do something like this again?

C’mon!  I just found out that the stupid video won’t upload because I have to pay an additional $60 for the feature!  Apparently, the video works on my computer because the link is attached to the file on my system.  LAME!  What really sucks is that I am contemplating purchasing it.  Trouble is, I hardly ever have the inclination to attach video.  Hell, I haven’t even been keeping up with my basic posts.  Whatever…if the link works in the near future it’s because I got desperate.

HA!  I posted this on YouTube and now I’m going to link to it > HERE <.


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