Congressional Term Limits


It’s time to stop the madness and begin cleansing our capitol’s halls of some of our society’s most tenacious leeches.  If you are as frustrated as I am at the arrogance and complete lack of respect for the representative nature of our political system by our elected “leaders”, then please take a moment to sign this petition by Senator DeMint supporting an amendment to the Constitution that would limit any member of congress to a maximum of 12 years of service.  

A significant factor contributing to the rapid decline of our political system is incumbents who are so “tenured” as to have their representative position bestowed upon them when they no longer fill it.  If this isn’t the ultimate insult in status quo then I’m afraid to know what is.  Let us regain our government from Washington elitists.  It starts with a simple, but powerful message!

More to follow…



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