Oh, the Trauma!


I find American culture to be uniquely prudish.  Perhaps I’m just not very “worldly” and am not aware of other nations with the same, rather unhealthy attitude toward the naked body.  Sexuality is obviously another level of this prudishness that we could examine, but nudity and sexuality are not synonymous, which is the point of this post.

Erykah Badu recently made headlines with her music video that she shot without a permit in which she stripped naked while walking at the site of JFK’s assasination, then falling to the ground after the sound of a gunshot at exactly the spot where the President was shot.  Obviously, there is some sort of social message and the appropriateness of the site alone could be a heated topic of discussion, but the focus instead is on the fact that she was publicly naked and, brace yourselves, CHILDREN saw it!!! 

Now, I think anyone who sexually assaults a child deserves long sentences with all the “services” molestors reportedly get in prison, but this silly act by Erykah is far from the traumatizing event that it has been made out to be.  That American adults view simple nudity (absent of any lewd conduct, of course) as a traumatizing sexual event speaks volumes about the maturity of those indivudals.   Even the blonde commentator on Fox News (can’t recall her name- not important) was just aghast that CHILDREN saw Erykah’s naked body. 

Give me a break!  Children saw a naked woman, mature adults saw a naked woman, sexually uncomfortable, emotionally immature PRUDES saw a sexual act.  There is a huge difference and the sooner people grow up the sooner folks that are actually minding their own business, such as this unfortunate guy who has spent thousands in legal fees fighting charges of indecent exposure for walking around naked in his own home, won’t have to waste their time with rediculous agendas that are, sadly, deeply rooted in this country’s Christian heritage.  Ironically, in the two stories linked above, the only traumatizing event is the way in which adults responded to the nudity!

Anyway, if you’re interested in a very good article that exposes significant double standards in distinguishing betweeen “art” and “pornography” click here.  ***Warning- the link is an adult website, but the article is an intelligent analysis.  It is to a page that has graphic images to emphasize the author’s point, but no overtly sexual images.


2 Responses to Oh, the Trauma!

  1. Carmensita says:

    America is so much more comfortable with violence than sexuality in any form no matter how innocent. My family took me to see Full Metal Jacket in the theater (I was 10), but always made me cover my eyes if a woman’s breast showed up on the screen in any film. Dismembered, decapitations, disembowelment? All ok, but any sort or nudity or sensuality was trashy filth. It would appear I am bemoaning my childhood, but the sad fact is…I do not think many American homes are different.

  2. foundersten says:

    Good point! I forgot about the fascination and general acceptance of violence in media.

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