The Money Snare


Where in Article 1 of our beloved Constitution (Legislative branch) is Congress given even the remotest authority to regulate education?  How about public transportation?  Find any provision giving the Federal Government the authority to take your money and give it to someone else in the name of some twisted charity.

Um…it doesn’t.  Congress is GRANTED (by the people through contract by the Constitution) only 18 specific powers in Article 1, Section 8.  It is prohibited from 8 specifc actions (barring the shortsighted passage of the 16th amendment).  Aside from three prohibitions, ALL OTHER POWERS ARE RESERVED TO THE STATES or THE PEOPLE AS SPECIFIED IN AMENDMENT 10!!!

The Founders understood that a large, centralized government would be intrusive, wasteful, and incompetent at handling matters of the individual States.  Education is definitiely one of those matters and has fallen victim to decades of brainwashing that the Federal government is best equipped to standardize and regulate education.

HOWEVER, as is the case with so many situations, once someone is dependant on another for cash, who makes the rules?  Would you think it fair that if a state receives, say, 10% of its funding from the Federal Government that the government can dictate how the state conducts its business?  Probably not, but money is a power that the Founders did not anticipate we would yield to the Federal Government. 

(I’m going to pick on education because it is the easiest to dissect, but the principle is the same for anything funded by the Federal government)

As you can see by the linked charts, the States are in fact dependent on the Federal government- an average of around 10% for education alone.  Nothing in the Constitution prohibits the States from yielding their sovereign authority to the Federal government in exchange for whoring themselves for Federal dollars- the very dollars that originally CAME FROM THE STATES!!!  Would you ever put yourself in a position where you had to give more money to someone than you could afford, then be expected to have to obey certain rules by that person if you asked for some of that money back?  You probably wouldn’t even get to the the point where you HAD to give any money in the first place much less beg for it back and the Founders likely did not anticipate such stupidity by the States at large.  Yet, here we are.

And for all this what has it gotten us?  Less than nothing.  For all the hundreds of billions spent on education, influence by the Federal Government has crippled the nation’s educational efforts and the sovereignty of the States is in jeopardy.  Funny thing is, the Federal Government admits that their rules only apply to those States who dare to ask for their money back (item #8).  Simply put, if the States don’t ask for and receive money from the Federal government, then the States are free to do whatever they feel is in their best interest.  We are ALLOWING ourselves to be held hostage with our own money AND we are becoming sympathetic to our captors (see Stockholm Syndrome)!  What more do you need to understand that government is simply NOT TO BE TRUSTED?  Not with healthcare, not with bailouts, not with ANYTHING designed outside the Constitution!

We are selling our rights and our souls at the whim of a deceptive, power-hungry monster.  Strangely, we hold the reigns to control the beast, yet they sit limp in our hands as the slack is used to snare us.  Ultimately, our children pay for our laziness if we do not exercise the power we are given- the power to reduce the beast to its smallest Constitutional intent!


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