Weakly Address (the Nation)


I listened to Barack Obama’s weekly address this morning.  I was rather interested to hear what he would say about the oil spill that is now washing on our Nation’s Southern shores.  I couldn’t wait to hear his plan of execution for a disaster that has the potential to be worse than hurricane Katrina on Louisiana’s economy- to say nothing of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Barack Obama and the rest of the Nation seem to live on two separate planets.  Golly, the status quo is mighty sticky isn’t it Mr. Obama?

That last link has some interesting points.  First, President Obama is quite famous for his deeply critical remarks regarding President Bush’s response to Katrina.  Of course, the New York times tries to provide flimsy cover by starting off the article with, “There’s a world of difference between the impact of an oil spill and a deadly hurricane. And the White House hopes it stays that way.”  But later it states quite nicely:

Officials note that a key difference between the spill and Hurricane Katrina is the pace of the onslaught of the disaster. While the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast in a fury, the oil has — literally — crept to the shores of the gulf. While the eventual harm from the leak could outstrip that of the Exxon Valdez accident in Alaska, that will not be known for weeks, if not months.”

…basically, Obama doesn’t have the reflexes to dodge a shoe much less an in-your-face, imminent disaster that has “crept” upon our nation.  Does the NYT actually see the light?

Let’s also take a look at the last point in the article:

Mr. Bill Eichbaum of the World Wildlife Fund said,

“This spill in the gulf is like having a heart attack in New York City,” he said. “Everything is there that you need to fix it.

So, with all the resources that are evidently available to him apparently Obama is inept as well as situationally detached.  BRAVO, NYT!

I was going to comment on the possibility that the awkward absence of any mention of the oil spill MAY BE associated with Obama’s expansion of offshore drilling rigs, and that this would be reflective of the “special interests” he criticized in his weekly address since the oil spill came from (I’m just going to let you guess).  I was also going to comment on his actual focus in his address, which was  campaign finance reform (where did THAT come from?).  Looking at this article, however, is enough to demonstrate the absurdity of his remarks in the face of the current disaster and of his passion to embrace the Washington status quo that he so, so loathes.

It’s too bad you’re so fun to write about, Mr. President.  It’s just one more thing I have to say you do well as President like…well, um…collecting campaign finance contributions, I guess.


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