The Great AZ Immigration Debate


I’ve begun debating a blogger at the Huffington Post over the Arizona immigration legislation.  I’m having a lot of fun, but it is time consuming doing the research so Foundersten is suffering a bit.  All the same, check it out if you’ve got a minute!


One Response to The Great AZ Immigration Debate

  1. foundersten says:

    This was a disappointing “debate”. The other blogger insists that AZ SB1070 encourages racial profiling, but won’t explain how. I hate that kind of discussion because there is no knowledge gain except for the effort I put into supporting my argument. I’ve seen this tactic used by bad debaters in competitions- evade and try to change the subject. It’s the same tactic used by politicians when they are stuck in a corner. It’s intellectually dishonest and harmful to discussions of difficult issues. Just admit you’re wrong and move on in the new direction you should find yourself. It’s called getting wiser.

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