Iran: Death by Stoning


Yesterday, I learned about a woman in Iran, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was to be sentenced to death by stoning.  I signed a petition to spare her life and had intended to make another “Call For Action” post.  I learned this morning that she will be spared this horrific death in which she would be bound in a white sheet and buried to her neck while her “executioners” hurl stones at her that are “not large enough to kill a person by one or two strikes; nor should they be so small that they could not be defined as stones (pebbles)“.  How very…appropriate for someone who must surely be a threat to society?

What was her crime?  Adultery…after her husband died…for which there was no evidence (a judge ruled by his own “knowledge”)…for which she received 99 lashes in 2006 for “illicit” behavior…followed by being accused of murdering her husband…followed by being acquitted…followed by the conviction of adultery based on the judge’s personal opinion (a “loophole” in Iranian law allows this). 

THIS is who we invite to speak at our colleges so that we can be more open-minded.  THIS is who Barack Obama wants to have open discussions with.

I’m not strong on kowledge of the Islamic faith, but there are strong voices who insist that stoning is NOT sanctioned by the Koran.  It appears that the Iranian regime, for having to be compelled by the international community to stop Iran from carrying out its evil intent with Ashtiani (and 126 other convicts), holds its country and its religion hostage with barbaric, savage chains. 

BUT…how arrogant of me!  We should just be more open-minded so that more people will like us- yay!

Unfortunately for Ashtiani, the Iranian government has not ruled out a death sentence.  Her life is still in jeopardy due to an unfair, antiquated system of laws (not justice) sanctioned by the government of Iran. 

I guess I’ll make this a Call for Action anyway.   Maybe with more help by as many people as possible signing this petition, the message will get through that while our politicians seem content with inhumane behavior, the people of the world are not and we are ultimately the ones with the power to affect positive change on this planet.

BTW, there is an online video from 20 years ago showing two men getting stoned to death in Iran.  I won’t link to it since you can find it easily enough.  Men are buried to their waist rather than to their necks.  One of the men appeared to die within 20 seconds.  The other unfortunate soul died after nearly 3 minutes of assault.  Three minutes of teeth shattering, bone crushing, eye popping assault.  This is the face of our enemy that the extreme among us extend an open hand to in a twisted display of shame for the righteousness of Western culture.  That’s not to say there aren’t other equally righteous cultures or that we don’t have our faults, but Iran has nothing to envy.


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