Congress and Unions- The Slimiest Partnership

I wish I had time to write more on this.  Try 2 Focus had a quick blurb on a recent article by the Heritage Foundation regarding the unholy alliance between the Federal government and unions.  Here are some of the points in brief:

  • In 2009 government worker union membership surpassed private sector union membership for the first time and is on a trend to increase.
  • Government employees are required to have union dues automatically withdrawn from their paychecks.  This is a conflict of interest being as the Federal payroll system is being used to collect a private sector fee.  This means you and I are paying for unions to get their dues.  At the same time unions are receving this government service they are also allowed to lobby for pay increases and tax increases which directly affect their revenue.  Bad news all the way around- especially considering that hundreds of millions of dollars are collected annually for some of the largest unions!!!
  • Government workers (particularly Federal) are paid measurably higher than their private sector counterparts.  Government workers create more revenue for unions which means unions are shifting their focus to where the money is.  As mentioned before, the unions have deep lobbying pockets to push for legislation that fills those pockets even more.  Some unions are documented to have spent millions more on lobbying than on worker issues!
  • Unlike private businesses, government has no competition so government labor unions have a uniquely protected status in addition to the previously mentioned perks!

Combine all of this with President Obama’s love affair with Unions and the planned One Nation Working Together rally on October 10, 2010 (which also has the rediculous mission of being a counter rally to Glenn Beck’s wildly successful Restoring Honor rally on 9-28-2010) and there is considerable merit for concern about the path we find ourselves on.  One must pay particular attention to the fact that labor unions including the AFL-CIO (11.5 million private and government members) are the big sponsors of the rally.  Take a look at the Who We Are page of the One Nation Working Together website and you might wonder as I do how a group of victims and whiners could ever expect to accomplish anything that won’t lead to national self-destruction through endless  handouts paid for by you and me through monumentally expensive social programs and entitlements.

This is a dangerous time.  Look beyond the shallow glitz of the mainstream media and open your eyes to the shifting beast.  We’re fixing to get crushed, but so long as you and I are working and proud to stand on our own two feet it’s not too late to beat the beast back down!  November can’t come soon enough.


One Response to Congress and Unions- The Slimiest Partnership

  1. foundersten says:

    For those of you who may notice, I realized I made a mistake and took the liberty to change the title of one of the links from Huffington Post to Heritage Foundation.

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