My Touch 4G

     So, I’m writing this post from my new cell phone!  I haven’t been too phone savvy and was largely unaware of the amazing software advances since the days of the SCH I-760, which was a bad phone to enter the world of so-called “smart phones” with.  The My Touch 4G is from a whole different planet, it seems.
     To start, when I bought the phone I couldn’t yet justify paying for the wireless data service when I wasn’t too sure about the Android OS.  The My Touch has wifi connectivity, so I figured I’d test out the apps through that first.  Very, very cool and I must say this phone streams online video faster than my laptop!  The speech recognition software is the first truly practical software that is dependable enough that I expect to use it regularly for hands free dialing.  Get this, it is so accurate that in one smooth string of common language I can compose a text to someone stored in my contacts- that’s hands free texting, folks!
     Anyway, I’ve had the phone for only a few hours  but it is solidly performing beyond expectation.  In fact, there is an input feature called “Swype” that I am using to compose this post.  Rather than peck at the touchscreen qwerty keypad I simply swipe my finger across the keypad to spell out the words. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the software is very adaptive, accurate, and efficient even with conjunctions!
    More later.


One Response to My Touch 4G

  1. foundersten says:

    Well, I have been pleased overall with the MyTouch4G (aka MT4G). I have found that the speech recognition software is dependable only in rather quiet environments and every now and then the software glitches and doesn’t recognize anything. Still some development needed, but gadgety cool all the same.

    I can’t think of anything about this phone that has been a deal breaker. Often, I’d get a phone in the past and find something on it that might otherwise be minor, but is so important to how I use it that it ruins the whole thing (like a lousy alarm/schedule application). I think one of the annoying things about the base software is that there is not a “Note” application that I have found.

    A truly irritating failure in the software, however, is the included Qik application. It’s horrible and I am not the only one to notice. My wife and I have the same phone and we may have gotten solid connections 10% of the time we have tried to video chat. I’ve seen some comments on other sites that Yahoo is a decent application, so I’ll give it a whirl when I get some time.

    Naturally, I have a cover on my phone, though it detracts from the sexy, sleek build. However, I have dropped my phone several times and it’s still ticking. Another protective product I’m using is a Zagg screen protector. Bar none, it’s the best I’ve used and it is, as advertised, very scratch resistant.

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