Amazon and Pedophilia: The Tip of the Iceberg?

I am very irate with  I have had a brief back and forth with their customer service regarding their most recent firestorm in selling an ebook called “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct”.  They have attempted to absolve themselves of any sort of responsible discretion with regard to the content of the products they carry and their most recent decision to pull “The Pedophile’s Guide…”  appears to be simply political CYA.  Here is an email I sent to a local news reporter with Fox News detailing what I have found with the hope it reignites the pressure on Amazon.  I, for one, will no longer purchase through them which is unfortunate because I really liked their site.

“Dear Cris Ornelas,

With the holiday season upon us, I thought you might be interested in what could be an interesting investigative consumer report.  I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, so please forgive the cut-and-past nature of this email.  The following is a copy of an email sent to Richard Randall, a local radio talk-show host, with the hope he will follow up with it on his broadcast:

Dear Richard Randall,

I live in Colorado Springs and tried to call in to your show yesterday, but caught the tail end of it and was disconnected.  I have been in a back and forth with regarding “The Pedophile’s Guide…” not so much for them to pull the book (though that was a factor), but for Amazon to reconsider its stated defense for selling such things.

The following article includes Amazon’s defense as well as a rather poor interview with the author:

In a local story, the true nature of the author is better illuminated:

While it is great that Amazon has pulled the book from their site, I am very disturbed at the fact that Amazon continues to offer other unfiltered and bothersome media including one referenced in the first article as having been pulled after public pressure in February, 2009.  RapeLay, a video game in which the player is supposed to stalk women and rape them along with their daughters as well as force abortions in the even the victims become pregnant, was pulled but has been repackaged into a sort of Hentai video game compilation and is again sold on

A book titled “Understanding Boy lovers and loved Boys” continues to be offered, but is of the same premise as “The Pedophile’s Guide…” in that its purpose is to give merit to the idea of pedophilia:

In addition, a simple search for porn, rape, or any other such term will result in salacious graphic results on their webpage with no attempt at filtering to prevent minors from gaining access to the visual material. 

Amazon has not retracted its position on the matter of defending free speech through its sales.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think they have “officially” announced that “The Pedophile’s guide…” is pulled- it’s simply not currently available.  Considering that the site continues to offer products that are clearly related or even the same as products previously “pulled” from their inventory indicates that is not interested in operating responsibly, but in short term concessions to relieve pressure from their business.  This is not ethical and is something I promised them in my emails I would expose to the broadest audience I could if they would not publicly address changing their business practices.  Clearly, they will not so I am writing this to you in the hopes that you will help me in broadcasting this information so that as many people as possible know who they choose to do business with if they purchase through

Hopefully, you will find this worthwhile for further investigation toward a  television broadcast.”

So, that’s that.  I really hope someone runs with this.


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