Islam, Muhammad, Aisha, and Child Rape!

 So…I want to share something that a friend of mine recently illuminated.  To confirm it I have found the following website detailing the evidence proving it:

The mighty “prophet” Muhammad is commonly known throughout Islam to have consummated a marriage to a 9 year old girl he married when he was 49 and she was a mere 6.  Aisha was a tiny child who “accepted” Muhammad’s filthy marriage proposal with bewildered silence.  I am certain there was no such silence on the night of their “consummation”- one would more accurately call it a RAPE!  On top of everything else I find questionable about Islam and the Qur’an, I have no respect left for a faith that idolizes a known pedophile rapist even by ancient standards! 

This rather changes my worldview with respect to current events in Egypt and the nature of the Middle East overall.  I am trying to remain objective because I know little of Islam, but I have no patience for this kind of evil.  My God, it’s not even as if Islam acknowledges the sin of pedophilia in Muhammad.  The Qur’an SANCTIONS HIS ACTIONS!!!

Western followers of Islam who are uncomfortable with the story of Aisha attempt to justify it with twisted interpretations of the point at which a girl supposedly becomes a woman- the day of her first menstruation- though scholars believe Aisha didn’t even mature to THAT standard!  Many Muslims don’t even try that hard to justify Muhammad’s action as can be seen on the following website with a sloppy pseudointellectual analysis:

This is truly disturbing!  How sick is a faith that tries at all, but so shallowly, to justify an evil prophet?  At least Satan worshippers are honest with their intent!

I am at once saddened that a religion I had hoped to understand to be rational and peaceful is, in fact, a horrible poison that has spiritually corrupted billions of people as well as I am deeply angered that such evil persists under the veil of a false prophet!

Islam can be afforded no excuse for sanctioning such evil lest we sanction that evil ourselves!  I am seeing a new side to the conflicts we are witnessing across the globe and inside our own borders.  As God is my witness, if what I have read is true to my interpretation I believe there will come a time when we must pick the sides by which we will fight (or die dishonorably of inaction) and I, for one, have chosen to fight against Islam!


2 Responses to Islam, Muhammad, Aisha, and Child Rape!

  1. foundersten says:

    Man, when I wrote this I was pretty upset at what I discovered. I don’t know that I necessarily still feel as passionate as the last few paragraphs indicate. I am still pretty disturbed by the whole thing, though. Muhammed is central to the Islamic faith- he can not be separated from it. I just don’t see how Muslims can remedy this association when pedophilia is a factor.

  2. foundersten says:

    I keep toying with deleting this entry. It’s more provocative than I care for, but we’re talking about a 9 year old girl and a 52 year old man having sex. A 52 year old prophet revered by over 1 billion people on this planet. A sexual act apparently sanctioned by the Quran. I have to say it over because it just does not make any sense. I’ve known a few Muslims and I’ve enjoyed their company. I also generally liked the local folks I met in Afghanistan. How does this happen that a hugely popular faith has such a large blob of darkness in it?

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