Islam and the West: Oil and Water


Here we are, yet again, dealing with what I can only call stupidity and the continued, horrific violence  that is largely associated with Islam.  Yet, while we struggle to deal with the extreme unruliness of the Middle East notion of spirituality in Islam we are constantly told as Westerners that we must simply exercise more “tolerance” for Islam.


Tell that to the 7 dead (two were beheaded) U.N. workers in Afghanistan because some idiot in a tiny church in Florida claimed to have burned a copy of the Quran in his church on March 20, which is what prompted the storming of the U.N. compound and chants of “Death to America”.

So, for the single instance of the burning of the “holiest of books”- an act overwhelmingly condemned by the U.S.- and the most distant of associations 7 people were killed in the name of Allah and Muslims are being rallied to wage Jihad on the entire U.S.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to tolerate violent stupidity- especially when it directly threatens the lives of my family and my country.


One Response to Islam and the West: Oil and Water

  1. Very true and very well spoken. We as Americans need to take a stand for our rights and for what we believe in.

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