Islam and the West: Oil and Water II

My blood is boiling.  Thank God I had some time to mull over what I had read earlier in the day because I would likely have been quite vulgar in this post.  Let me start with the only vulgarity I intend to include:


With that said, here is the article that prompted my anger.  Just who does President Karzai think he is to dare suggest he has any authority to impose ANY demands regarding whatever twisted sense of justice he’s got going on in his pathetic skull regarding the behavior of American citizens on American soil?!?!

(please refer back to stated vulgarity)!!!

Who does Karzai think he is to INITIATE the release of the information that the Quran was burned by our arguably nuts pastor and then start pointing fingers at OUR CITIZEN for the mindless killings that ensued 10,000 miles away???  Either he is too stupid to know he himself incited the violence in his country or he is playing extremely dangerous political/religious games while our Soldiers risk life and limb on a daily basis to help his countrymen.  I’m going to take this a leap further, Karzai knew damn well that releasing the news of the Quran burning would lead to violent unrest.  He could have kept quiet until someone else released the info and THEN condemn it.  Hell, he could have discretely passed the information on to his own press and THEN condemn it after it was broadcast.  Oh no, Karzai takes a mighty swing at us and PERSONALLY releases the information right before an anticipated cycle of insurgent uprising!  What more could he have done short of declaring a Holy War?

(please refer back to stated vulgarity)!!!

Does Karzai condemn the killings in his country?  No, no, no…how silly would that be?  He “expresses regret” over them.  -NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY to the several nations represented in those murders!

(please refer back to stated vulgarity)!!!

So…(breathe)…about that whole Oil and Water thing.  If Islam is such a peaceful religion why on Earth has the president of an Islamic nation not condemned the killings in his own country?  Sort of flies in the face of President Obama’s assertion that no religion tolerates “the slaughter and beheading of innocent people” regarding this very situation doesn’t it?  Either that, or our President has finally admitted in the best way he can that Islam is not a peaceful religion…hmmmm.  I don’t think so. 

What sort of punishment is Karzai suggesting for our citizen exercising his right to freedom of speech, anyway?  Sharia Law would certainly be a logical start- get out your very own copy of the Quran to see what the punishment for blasphemy is or just look here.  The religion of peace suggests such things as cutting off opposite hands and feet or crucifixion among other varieties of punishment depending on the peace-du-jour.  I guess when our military was ordered to burn Bibles in Afghanistan we were just practicing for the day we got to burn the Quran according to Karzai.

I am ever closer to believing in my heart that Islam is a truly violent religion.  BUT, wether it’s the whole religion or the increasingly remote chance all the violence around the world associated with Islam is somehow perpetuated by a few craaaazy radicals:

Know thine enemy.

Watch thine enemy.


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