Pay Attention and Stop Sitting On Your Ass!!!


If every year you adjust your home budget higher so that you can borrow more merely to cover the payments of your loans and you keep opening lines of credit to buy more things would you consider your household finances in good order?  Would you be even remotely responsible?  Would you be a good parent for forcing your children and grand children to pay for your debts on a vast list of unnecessary bills?  This is what we are letting our government do in trillions of dollars.  Why the hell are people so…gullible (trying to not be inflamatory) that they actually believe our economy is improving in any meaningful way?  I’m going to war to protect this country yet all the while politicians are destroying it with their stupidity through the inattention and “gimme what I want” attitude of the American people. 

You may not be inclined to serve your country in the same capacity, but YOU CAN SERVE YOUR COUNTRY.  Don’t just listen/read the news.  Pay attention to the message and the underlying problem.  THINK and ask your own questions.  Then, find the answers- stop waiting for “experts” to spoon feed you the answers because most have their own agenda.  DO NOT seek an agenda while you look for your answers.  Seek the TRUTH, then communicate your results and listen to those willing to communicate back intelligently.

Communication is the very drive of freedom.  Don’t confuse communication with talking.  Talking is what the prettified, corporate paid heads do on broadcasts.  If we do not communicate, we will lose the spirit of freedom and subject ourselves to the whims of those who understand this power, but wield it for their own purposes.  Slaves are not allowed to speak their mind, but too many Americans actually CHOOSE to not speak.  Does this make them lower than slaves? 

***It most certainly will***

Here is a link to the Debt Clock: .  It’s a good place to start.  Our GDP is $14.7 trillion.  We have a national debt that is almost past it.  This means we will soon produce less than we borrow.  This is insanity no matter how you try to justify government entitlement programs and runaway spending whether it’s on nationalized healthcare or even bloated military programs.  Look at every number and it’s title.  Among the scariest are the Unfunded Liabilities as compared to our National Assets.  If we sold everything the US owns we would still be on the hook for $40 trillion worth of promises by our esteemed politicians.  UNACCEPTABLE!!!

If you care at all about this country then there are three simple steps you must take:  THINK, COMMUNICATE, VOTE!  Part of this is to not be afraid to talk about difficult subjects and to accept that you might well be personally affected by the reforms necessary to put this country on the right track.  STOP WHINING ABOUT IT because it’s not your money you’re saving- its your children and grand children’s money and they are looking up to us with desperate eyes to make the right choices because they don’t have a voice to scream their desperation!



2 Responses to Pay Attention and Stop Sitting On Your Ass!!!

  1. elsie jones says:

    whenever i hear do it for your children or grandchildren,I want to puke! that is the stupidest comment ever! we need to be concerned about right now,and the future will take care of itself. get a grip idiots.

  2. foundersten says:

    Elsie is a classic example of a person who is so determined to remain stupid she has superglued her ass to her seat with the hope that elections eventually make their way to her TV remote that is locked on Big Brother. With any luck, the network will vote for her and she will just have to press “enter”, which may still put her into cardiac arrest for mental and physical over-exertion. Truly a remarkable specimen!

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