Rest In Peace Soldiers of B Co, 2-135th GSAB

Since the media can’t shake it’s fixation on the Special Operations Soldiers we tragically lost on the Chinook that was shot down on 06 Aug 2011, I am reposting something from “medicbear” at another forum. There were 5 Army National Guard crewmembers (two pilots and 3 door gunners) who bravely flew that bird into a hot LZ in order to insert the Spec Ops Soldiers for assistance to the Rangers who were pinned down. Medicbear says it well:

“The real flight crew. RIP CW4 David Carter and SGT Patrick Hamburger 2-135 Aviation Regiment CO and NE Guard. CW2 Bryan Nichols, SPC Alexander Bennett, and SPC Spencer Duncan 7-158 Aviation Regiment, USAR from Kansas. Assigned to my BDE.”

May they rest in peace.


4 Responses to Rest In Peace Soldiers of B Co, 2-135th GSAB

  1. foundersten says:

    For some reason my browser won’t let me edit this entry. I’ve tried for a couple hours now. Probably something to do with the internet service I am using (I am in Afghanistan).

    There were 2 National Guard members and 3 Reservists as detailed by Medicbear.

    • foundersten says:

      …I normally don’t reveal too much information of myself, but since I let the cat out of the bag by being specific to the Soldiers of B Co in my post title I have to divulge that I am a member of B Co. CW4 Carter and SGT Hamburger were fine gentlemen and dedicated warriors. My condolences to their families and friends.

  2. Jenny Smith says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families. May God give you peace.

  3. Ray Davis Post 18 Commander says:

    American Legion Post # 18 in Silver City New Mexico is very saddened by the lose of life of the Chinook crew. We had the opportunity to meet some of the soldiers from B co 7?158 Aviation in June will they were in Albuquerque N.M. As Veterans our hearts go out to there families and fellow soldiers.

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