about me

I am an agnostic, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, male of ancestry evenly split between Puerto Rican and European.  I am happily married with a toddler son who I am deeply proud of.  I have served in the military, worked in manufacturing, restaurant, sales, automotive repair, electronics, and logistics.  I have been to college three times separately for graphic arts, business management, and electrical engineering, but didn’t have the discipline to earn a degree in any of those attempts, though I seek to go back for business management.  I have owned a landscape business, briefly attempted a retail store (my partner was the one who backed out that time), participated in a failed capital venture, and currently endeavor to reestablish my entrepeneur drive through at least one of many ideas I have.   I am active, compassionate, disorganized, creative, ambitious, and I need to lose a few pounds and buff up a little.

I consider myself a patriot and proudly call myself American.  I will wave and respect the Flag, I will brag about being the best nation on the world, and I will support the thorough thumping of anyone- foreign AND domestic-  who dares to challenge this country’s sovereignty and/or attempts to undermine our global status. 

I am a fairly private individual, so I am not yet keen to sharing my name or especially any meaningful details about the identity of people I know.  If not sharing my name is some sort of faux pas in the blogging community then…oh, well.

This is a general sum of me.

Many of my posts will have research associated with them and links to supporting information.  Many will also be observations based solely on my feelings and experience at the time with the intent to begin discussions that can persuade me one way or the other.

Freedom of speech is the keystone of our society.  It is protected under the first ammendment of our Constitution- the first of what I call the Founders’ Ten or Bill of Rights.  Hence, my blog’s namesake and the focus of some future discussions.  All rational  points of view are welcome on my blog.  All I ask is that anyone posting be respectful and honest.

Welcome to my fishbowl.


3 Responses to about me

  1. foundersten says:

    About 1 1/2 years have passed since I started this blog. I don’t generally like to change what I have written, but I’ll do what I am doing now and post comments to update a post.

    I now have two boys. I have learned that I am not Agnostic, though I might have once been. I am a theist, but I do not know WHAT God is. I have my beliefs, but I am keenly aware that they are only beliefs that represent my limited ability to attempt to comprehend that which is infinite. I like the Hindu teachings of God and they represent my thoughts on God very well. There is a specific Guru whom I identify closely with. Can’t remember the name at the moment, but I will write about him under the Religion category.

  2. elsie jones says:

    you sir are an asshole period.

  3. foundersten says:

    Um…that’s the best comment you have and I’M the asshole? Go get your meds, Elsie, they are wearing off. Still, I hope you post more comments, because you are easy fodder for roasting. Don’t overdo it, though. This could get boring quickly so pace yourself.

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