Islam and the West: Oil and Water II

April 4, 2011

My blood is boiling.  Thank God I had some time to mull over what I had read earlier in the day because I would likely have been quite vulgar in this post.  Let me start with the only vulgarity I intend to include:


With that said, here is the article that prompted my anger.  Just who does President Karzai think he is to dare suggest he has any authority to impose ANY demands regarding whatever twisted sense of justice he’s got going on in his pathetic skull regarding the behavior of American citizens on American soil?!?!

(please refer back to stated vulgarity)!!!

Who does Karzai think he is to INITIATE the release of the information that the Quran was burned by our arguably nuts pastor and then start pointing fingers at OUR CITIZEN for the mindless killings that ensued 10,000 miles away???  Either he is too stupid to know he himself incited the violence in his country or he is playing extremely dangerous political/religious games while our Soldiers risk life and limb on a daily basis to help his countrymen.  I’m going to take this a leap further, Karzai knew damn well that releasing the news of the Quran burning would lead to violent unrest.  He could have kept quiet until someone else released the info and THEN condemn it.  Hell, he could have discretely passed the information on to his own press and THEN condemn it after it was broadcast.  Oh no, Karzai takes a mighty swing at us and PERSONALLY releases the information right before an anticipated cycle of insurgent uprising!  What more could he have done short of declaring a Holy War?

(please refer back to stated vulgarity)!!!

Does Karzai condemn the killings in his country?  No, no, no…how silly would that be?  He “expresses regret” over them.  -NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY to the several nations represented in those murders!

(please refer back to stated vulgarity)!!!

So…(breathe)…about that whole Oil and Water thing.  If Islam is such a peaceful religion why on Earth has the president of an Islamic nation not condemned the killings in his own country?  Sort of flies in the face of President Obama’s assertion that no religion tolerates “the slaughter and beheading of innocent people” regarding this very situation doesn’t it?  Either that, or our President has finally admitted in the best way he can that Islam is not a peaceful religion…hmmmm.  I don’t think so. 

What sort of punishment is Karzai suggesting for our citizen exercising his right to freedom of speech, anyway?  Sharia Law would certainly be a logical start- get out your very own copy of the Quran to see what the punishment for blasphemy is or just look here.  The religion of peace suggests such things as cutting off opposite hands and feet or crucifixion among other varieties of punishment depending on the peace-du-jour.  I guess when our military was ordered to burn Bibles in Afghanistan we were just practicing for the day we got to burn the Quran according to Karzai.

I am ever closer to believing in my heart that Islam is a truly violent religion.  BUT, wether it’s the whole religion or the increasingly remote chance all the violence around the world associated with Islam is somehow perpetuated by a few craaaazy radicals:

Know thine enemy.

Watch thine enemy.


Islam and the West: Oil and Water

April 3, 2011


Here we are, yet again, dealing with what I can only call stupidity and the continued, horrific violence  that is largely associated with Islam.  Yet, while we struggle to deal with the extreme unruliness of the Middle East notion of spirituality in Islam we are constantly told as Westerners that we must simply exercise more “tolerance” for Islam.


Tell that to the 7 dead (two were beheaded) U.N. workers in Afghanistan because some idiot in a tiny church in Florida claimed to have burned a copy of the Quran in his church on March 20, which is what prompted the storming of the U.N. compound and chants of “Death to America”.

So, for the single instance of the burning of the “holiest of books”- an act overwhelmingly condemned by the U.S.- and the most distant of associations 7 people were killed in the name of Allah and Muslims are being rallied to wage Jihad on the entire U.S.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to tolerate violent stupidity- especially when it directly threatens the lives of my family and my country.

Islam, Muhammad, Aisha, and Child Rape!

February 9, 2011

 So…I want to share something that a friend of mine recently illuminated.  To confirm it I have found the following website detailing the evidence proving it:

The mighty “prophet” Muhammad is commonly known throughout Islam to have consummated a marriage to a 9 year old girl he married when he was 49 and she was a mere 6.  Aisha was a tiny child who “accepted” Muhammad’s filthy marriage proposal with bewildered silence.  I am certain there was no such silence on the night of their “consummation”- one would more accurately call it a RAPE!  On top of everything else I find questionable about Islam and the Qur’an, I have no respect left for a faith that idolizes a known pedophile rapist even by ancient standards! 

This rather changes my worldview with respect to current events in Egypt and the nature of the Middle East overall.  I am trying to remain objective because I know little of Islam, but I have no patience for this kind of evil.  My God, it’s not even as if Islam acknowledges the sin of pedophilia in Muhammad.  The Qur’an SANCTIONS HIS ACTIONS!!!

Western followers of Islam who are uncomfortable with the story of Aisha attempt to justify it with twisted interpretations of the point at which a girl supposedly becomes a woman- the day of her first menstruation- though scholars believe Aisha didn’t even mature to THAT standard!  Many Muslims don’t even try that hard to justify Muhammad’s action as can be seen on the following website with a sloppy pseudointellectual analysis:

This is truly disturbing!  How sick is a faith that tries at all, but so shallowly, to justify an evil prophet?  At least Satan worshippers are honest with their intent!

I am at once saddened that a religion I had hoped to understand to be rational and peaceful is, in fact, a horrible poison that has spiritually corrupted billions of people as well as I am deeply angered that such evil persists under the veil of a false prophet!

Islam can be afforded no excuse for sanctioning such evil lest we sanction that evil ourselves!  I am seeing a new side to the conflicts we are witnessing across the globe and inside our own borders.  As God is my witness, if what I have read is true to my interpretation I believe there will come a time when we must pick the sides by which we will fight (or die dishonorably of inaction) and I, for one, have chosen to fight against Islam!

The Argument Against Good and Evil

September 4, 2010


Having recently taken a philosophy class in college I find myself at a new spiritual awareness.  I went into the class expecting the usual associations with philosophy of question everything, nothing is absolute, and studying incoherent thoughts of dead people from long ago.  All of these associations came to be, but their purpose was considerably different from what I expected and what might have once been incoherent thoughts had considerable clarity when viewed through a spiritual lens.  As a matter of fact, the class ended up centering around spirituality and God, which resulted in rather weighty discussions among those of us willing to engage the topic head on (it was an online course).  I had internalized the teachings of such philosophers as Socrates and Immanuel Kant among many others and realized that my ultimate quest- the quest for God- has followed a path at least partially explored by many others, though in a manner largely lost in the doctrines of modern western religion.

***In western religion, the doctrine of a particular religion is emphasized considerably more than the philosophy.  In other words, it is generally considered more important to obey the rules than to understand them.  This is due in large part to religion having once ruled over society, which demanded subservient obedience in order to maintain power and authority.

So it was that my mind opened to new ways of thinking about God and the meaning of life which brought me along a dizzying series of thought evolutions many of which actually became conclusive beliefs despite the relative nature of philosophy.  In essence, my spirituality became considerably stronger as a result of a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship with God (interestingly, I found out after the semester that my instructor is a Christian predeterminist- everything is fate.  Nearly a polar opposite of me).

Our final project was to pick a philosophical position and defend it using various resource requirements.  I foolishly chose to defend that there is a God.  The real problem here is that my concept of God is so expansive that it became impossible to clearly argue in a 5 to 7 page essay.  Fortunately, the instructor recognized the effort I put into the paper and the sincere impasse I had encountered and gave me a good grade.  I have become rather passionate to understand for myself what I believe to be God, so this is where I reorganize my thoughts and attempt to finish what I started.

I’ve put considerable thought into where to begin.  I always end up at the concepts of Good and Evil, so perhaps this is where I should begin.  I expect this essay to be continuous, so I will post many times in the future on the various aspects of God, life, morality, and death.  For now, I argue that there is no such thing as Good and Evil.

WHAT, you say?  Is not love Good and hate Evil?  Isn’t nurture Good and torture Evil?

I don’t deny the concepts of Good and Evil.  I simply don’t believe they are accurate of the nature of God.  Good and Evil are useful but elementary manifestations of the human mind- concepts applied to something that is formless and boundless in order to make it more easily manageable.  

If Good and Evil are some aspect of God and we accept that God is infinite, then any one part of God is infinite and must be treated as such.  When we say that there is Good and Evil, we are taking something infinite and attempting to fracture it into two parts that we like to think are independent of each other.  The trouble is, what is Good if there is no Evil and vice versa?  The fact of the matter is that we are using two terms to separately define the infinite extremes of the same condition.  This is impossible.

To make this clearer, if God is everything, and we accept that there is Good and Evil then God is necessarily Good AND Evil.  This does not work for who would worship even a slightly Evil God much less one who is infinitely Evil?  On this premise alone the Atheists understandably feel they are justified in their denial of God.  How unfortunate that two fundamental concepts of western religion are so contradictory that they provide the very premise for the logical nonexistence of God.

Additionally, Good and Evil cannot be independent of each other because each one is dependent on the existence of the other.  In the absence of torture can there be only nurture?  Bread and water is nurture for a prisoner who would otherwise get nothing, yet would we consider that good nurture?  In the absence of torture doesn’t bad nurture become torture?

I could go on about the concepts of Good and Evil, but hopefully the point is clear.  As I said earlier, they are references to an infinite condition.  The only way that condition could be part of the whole of God is if it can be infinite unto itself.  I argue that Good and Evil are simply human interpretations of Balance and Imbalance.

Consider a see-saw as viewed from the side.  When it is imbalanced it tilts either right or left and either way is a condition of imbalance.  However, when the see-saw is perfectly balanced it is balanced infinitely along a horizontal plane.  The left and right no longer matter because balance describes the state of the entire subject being observed.  It’s not as if we would say the see-saw is in a state of equal left and right.  Balance is a condition unto itself.

If we can say that Balance is independent of Imbalance, then we can logically say that Imbalance is the absence of Balance.  Since these arguments are true, then I believe that Balance is the fundamental nature of God.  Therefore, God is not loving (a verb not to be confused with the noun Love), or compassionate, or vengeful, or angry.  Each of these indicates the existence, but absence of its inverse- a condition contrary to God for God is absent of nothing.  God simply is.


April 12, 2010


I’ve always been intrigued by the attempt to visually express what is in our minds.  Dreams are a particuarly fascinating aspect of this.  The imagery is exceedingly difficult to capture not only because much of what we dream makes little sense on the surface, but also because our mind’s manifestations are deeply layered.  Recently, in a quest to find imagery associated with dreams, I’ve learned that neosurrealism is the study of trying to recreate dreams in art.

Consider this video called Doxology.  Be patient with it and consider your own dreams as you observe the clarity of some scenes in contrast to the apparent nonsensical randomness of certain details.   About two thirds of the way through the video, the creator toys with an otpical illusion with which a certain repetetive motion gives the impression of constant rotation- the illusion is identifiable, but your mind is tweeked by the intended effect (much like a dream).  Combined with great editing effects, these “flyovers” create a very dream like view in that the scenes are familiar, but the details are too fuzzy to either make sense of the scene or to clearly lock in your position relative to what your seeing.  This kind of depth simply cannot be recreated on two dimensional media.

A movie that made incredible attempts to recreate the mind’s canvass is The Cell.  It received very mixed reviews on its imagery and all the negative reviews I read were because folks simply didn’t get it.  The Cell, however, seeks to uncover the darker corners of what we subconsciously create (by diving into the mind of a sociopathic killer).  It certainly did not go as far as it could have, but kept the imagery relatively mild so as to appeal to a broader audience and not be mislabled as simply a voyeuristic exercise in sadism.

The movie Mirror Mask also takes a decent crack at expressing the subconscious, but on a somewhat more juvenile level.

I will continue to study neosurrealism and see what more I can gather as far as videos or imagery and an understanding of technique.  In the mean time, check out this computer-animated video called Doll Face.  I can’t say for sure that it qualifies as neosurrealism, but the departure from reality along with the exquisitely matched sound effects makes for at least an entertaining social message.

Oh, the Trauma!

April 9, 2010


I find American culture to be uniquely prudish.  Perhaps I’m just not very “worldly” and am not aware of other nations with the same, rather unhealthy attitude toward the naked body.  Sexuality is obviously another level of this prudishness that we could examine, but nudity and sexuality are not synonymous, which is the point of this post.

Erykah Badu recently made headlines with her music video that she shot without a permit in which she stripped naked while walking at the site of JFK’s assasination, then falling to the ground after the sound of a gunshot at exactly the spot where the President was shot.  Obviously, there is some sort of social message and the appropriateness of the site alone could be a heated topic of discussion, but the focus instead is on the fact that she was publicly naked and, brace yourselves, CHILDREN saw it!!! 

Now, I think anyone who sexually assaults a child deserves long sentences with all the “services” molestors reportedly get in prison, but this silly act by Erykah is far from the traumatizing event that it has been made out to be.  That American adults view simple nudity (absent of any lewd conduct, of course) as a traumatizing sexual event speaks volumes about the maturity of those indivudals.   Even the blonde commentator on Fox News (can’t recall her name- not important) was just aghast that CHILDREN saw Erykah’s naked body. 

Give me a break!  Children saw a naked woman, mature adults saw a naked woman, sexually uncomfortable, emotionally immature PRUDES saw a sexual act.  There is a huge difference and the sooner people grow up the sooner folks that are actually minding their own business, such as this unfortunate guy who has spent thousands in legal fees fighting charges of indecent exposure for walking around naked in his own home, won’t have to waste their time with rediculous agendas that are, sadly, deeply rooted in this country’s Christian heritage.  Ironically, in the two stories linked above, the only traumatizing event is the way in which adults responded to the nudity!

Anyway, if you’re interested in a very good article that exposes significant double standards in distinguishing betweeen “art” and “pornography” click here.  ***Warning- the link is an adult website, but the article is an intelligent analysis.  It is to a page that has graphic images to emphasize the author’s point, but no overtly sexual images.

The Power of the Unknown

January 12, 2010


Faith is a funny thing.  It requires us to extend our perception beyond that which we know to exist.  From the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze to the biting frigidness of arctic waters and from the comfort of company within the harbor of familiarity to the  open desolation of strangers amidst uncertainty, what we percieve as “real” is quite powerful.

Consider, for a moment, what you consider to be powerful.  Is it the furious rush of a tornado?  Perhaps it’s the impressive shearing force of a major earthquake.  One might consider a massive nuclear explosion to be powerful, but compare that to a 100 foot tidal wave miles wide bearing down on land at 300 miles an hour- which is more powerful?  Ponder the power of the sun 9 million miles away warming our entire planet hundreds of degrees above absolute zero, then consider it as a super nova obliterating that same planet and at least half of the ones orbiting it.  What of the incomprehensible force of an entire galaxy moving through space or the dance of tens of thousands of galaxies in a parcel of the heavens hidden behind a grain of sand held at arm’s length?

All of these things are measurable, tangible phenomenons.  We may require generations to articulate the mass that is generated by all the celestial bodies and the effects each one has on the other, but it can be done.  What is percievable is measurable, but does not require faith.  Faith is reserved for that which cannot be measured or quantified by the senses.

As an agnostic, the power of faith does not escape me.  Quite the contrary.  I accept it as a unique blessing of consciousness.  It gives us our creativity and keeps us moving when all seems futile.

I do not profess to know God.  If I thought such a thing could happen, I would not put much weight to the concept of faith.  I think many religions erroneaously teach that we may “know” God, but religion is faith and faith cannot know anything but the quest for truth.  Once that truth is discovered it becomes knowledge and then wisdom should we apply that knowledge with love in our hearts.  With this in mind, I don’t believe anyone would profess to know God.  That would be the absence of another phenomenon: humility.

So, what am I getting at?  There are many powerful things that we perceive and often control.  What is more powerful than all those things combined- the force of all the winds and earthquakes, stars and planets?

The very spark of life.  I’m not talking about the supposed lightning bolt that charged a primordial soup billions of years ago.  I’m talking about the energy that orchestrates trillions of specialized cells to move as one biological mass with the drive of thought and the power of consciousness. 

 That is the power of the unknown.  I call it God.