Haitian Aftermath

February 10, 2010

Those poor people.  I don’t know much about Haiti, but it is clear that their government is inept and the people are suffering miserably for it.

I just read an article about a new phase of danger in that the makeshift camps are becoming disease-ridden death traps.  The children suffer the most from the hellish conditions in that they are unable to fend for themselves and ignorant parents are making desperate, but deadly choices for them (like waiting so long to have an infant medically seen for diarrhea that the infant dies almost upon admission for dehydration or giving coffee, a diuretic where clean water is scarce, as subsistence).

I feel a deep pain for the Haitian people where I would have once scoffed at them.  It’s a lesson I learned from Katrina and a friend who helped me see things from a more compassionate viewpoint.  Unfortunately for the Haitians, their government appears far more corrupt than Louisiana’s at the time and their hell has only just begun.  Being a new Dad, I find myself praying far more often.  A merciful future for the Haitians is now one of those prayers.