Occupy a Communist Revolution

October 14, 2011

There is an awful lot of media frenzy over the Occupy Wall Street protests going on throughout the country.  However, we are entering the 27th day of these protests and there is still not a clear idea of what exactly OWS is protesting or what the protesters want.  This is not just a casual observation by me.  Their website offers nothing directly of substance and there are more than a few bloggers such as this Washington Times post and my buddy at Extreme Middle who had the fortune and initiative to visit a protest in Denver.  The Washington Times post is interesting because it attempts to identify the demands of OWS with an original list that was actually just a post on the OWS website by a supporter.  The article then tries to update with yet another list that it tries to associate with OWS, but the “OWS” link it provides is actually to Coup Media Group and written by “anonymous” who opens with an admission that OWS has no official demands.  There is no measurable amount of cohesion to this so-called movement.

You might wonder where the official news outlet stories are on this conspicuous absence of substance to the OWS protests.  Well, I do to.  I looked on every major news website and found nothing in the form of a formal article trying to investigate the demands of OWS.  CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC are all practically cheerleaders (such as this trash from MSNBC) and Fox News has reduced its stories to petty partisan jabs.  Only bloggers are actually doing any inquiry.  Glenn Beck sent a film maker into the fray for his GBTV broadcast.  I was somewhat skeptical about the result, but it is echoed in many personal accounts of objective people and my own research.

So,basically, it is reasonable to conclude that the OWS protesters are mad.  They are so chock full of rage that they even dedicate a link to US Day of Rage, which doesn’t seem to be any particular day- at least not soon…which doesn’t seem to be particularly rageful.  To be honest, I rather support USDR’s 3 demands.  However, according to their stated principles, they “will never endorse, finance, or lend our name to any other group, association, candidate or party”, which means I can’t associate their demands with OWS.  Hmm.  Anyway, OWS is mad at corporations and corrupt government according to their “about” page.  That’s it.  They’re just honest to goodness mad folk who want…what?

Truth be told, they don’t know, which makes their “movement” more like an obnoxious fart.  It’s annoying, but doesn’t really do anything.  It might be followed by a movement, but you would really rather it happen somewhere else.

I mean this very sincerely so as to avoid being vulgar because what they are collectively and indirectly advocating is nothing more.  The protesters are tools to the Democrat scoundrels in Washington who now claim to support OWS and relish in the lack of a platform.  It means Washington Democrats commit to nothing by supporting OWS, but they get the wonderful benefit of having public attention diverted from their own failings and significant contributions to the current financial mess (including corporate welfare) so that they may have a second term for their Democrat president for more of the same.  It’s a strategically smart move that they can disassociate from under the guise of “Who knew” the moment OWS develops a platform that may be objectionable.

It doesn’t end with just Democrats, though.  There is a much more dangerous, insidious, silent, and powerful (remember the bad fart and what might come afterward) association with communist thought in our society that is ever prevalent in our politics (see Bernie Sanders).  The supporters of this thought are seizing the opportunity to shape the OWS agenda.  Even speakers such as Slavoj Zizek, a Marxist/Leninist philosophy professor from Slovenia, are openly welcomed and their thinly veiled calls for communism are being hailed as representatives of OWS thought.  Among the latest calls for action by OWS is a “global” event to “…usher in an era of democratic and economic justice.  We must change, we must evolve.”  The very concepts of economic and social justice are Marxist, which led to the bloody Lenin revolution and eventual economic ruin of the USSR.  Contemporary applications of these concepts are being pushed through organizations like the Center for Economic and Social Justice, which claims to attempt to refine Marxist principles through the application of the kelso-adler theory of economic justice.  Make sense to you?  Not so much to me either and I am fairly confident that 99% of the protesters have no clue whatsoever.

As with many of my writings, my opinions change through my research.  I started this article as a blog on the misguided efforts of a bunch of legitimately mad people who don’t know where to direct their anger for productive results.  What I am now convinced of is that the vagueness is the deliberate workings of a puppet master.  The fact that I think our problem is with government is almost pale in comparison to this new threat of communist uprising that I see taking root through these unwitting protesters.  “Who is driving the OWS website?”, I now wonder.  Maybe George Soros?  It certainly isn’t just a hodgepodge of bloggers.  The calls for action are becoming more brazenly revolutionary and communist in nature.  In fact, the latest call for action is specifically to include children so that they can be taught “about our broken economic system, and alternatives that could help save the planet and provide a future for the next generation” and to embarrass officials by showcasing “parents and their children so invested in Occupy Wall Street that they would spend the night in a public park with their children.”

Aside from the fact that involving children for political leverage in this manner is a distasteful Stalinist revolutionary tactic, there is an awful lot of teaching going on for so little conversation.  BUT, now you and I know at least some of the truth.  I don’t fully understand it and I know I’ve presented just a fraction of what’s out there.  Clearly, the protestors are not any kind of grassroots effort or there would actually be root in something.  They are pawns in a much larger game and one side is gearing up to use them for their breakthrough move in possibly a defining event in American history.  Which side will YOU be on?